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10.00 – 10.30am

Sarah Pink Refiguring Techniques: technologies, possibilities, emergence and an ethics of responsibility in visual-digital research

10.30 – 11.30am

Bradley Garrett Drone Methodologies: Bodies, Senses and Verticality
Ingrid Richardson, Larissa Hjorth and William Balmford Careful surveillance at play: human-animal relations and mobile media in the home

11.30am – 12.30pm

Jennifer Deger Cut and paste synaesthetics

Paolo Favero Thinking, Researching and Understanding the World: reflections on the use of i-docs as a tool for (ethnographic) scientific research.

12.30 – 2.00pm

Lunch (ticketed)

2.00 – 3.00pm

Shanti Sumartojo and Sarah Pink Empathetic Visuality: Go-Pros and the video trace

Edgar Gomez Cruz Beyond decisive moments: time and sense in digital photography

3.00 – 4.00pm

Adrian Dyer, Jair Garcia, Shanti Sumartojo and Edgar Gomez Cruz Ethnography through the digital eye: life in the 3D world

Alison Young Visual documentation in hybrid spaces: ethics, publics, and transition

4.00 – 5.00pm

Melinda Hinkson In the Company of Images

Future directions (discussion)