Refiguring Techniques in Digital-Visual Research

Refiguring Techniques in Digital-Visual Research

Friday 9 September

09.30 – 17.30

This symposium interrogates how new visual techniques are emerging in contemporary contexts of new and emergent configurations of research and intervention; technological change and emergent technological possibilities; theoretical shifts towards processual paradigms and a respectful ethics of responsibility.

It examines the role of visual techniques and technologies in fulfilling a commitment to combining theoretical, public and applied forms of academic scholarship and creative practice. In doing so it seeks to open up new discussions about how visual, digital and material practice can participate in understanding, designing and making responsible futures.

The symposium offers a unique chance to learn about and discuss some of the most recent advances and developments in visual methods, old and new technologies from a group of internationally leading experts from Europe and Australia. It is structured to include opportunities for networking and to support the generation of ideas for future events and activities.

The symposium will also form the first meeting of people who are interested in establishing a Melbourne-based network of researchers, scholars and practitioners focused in the relationship between creative practice, anthropology and cognate disciplines, including human geography, cultural studies, sociology and their sub and interdisciplinary fields, and in the use of visual methodologies across a range of settings.

This symposium has been organised by DERC as part of a series of collaborative and co-sponsored events with Deakin University and VCA, Melbourne University


Free ticket – no lunch/ drinks

$25 lunch, tea/coffee + networking drinks

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